Global Roaming Testing

Are your roaming services and SIMs functioning worldwide?

How do you in-country quality assurance test to ensure they are operational?

When launching mobile roaming services in new countries , it is imperative to conduct in-country testing to ensure they are operational. Improper carrier provisioning, network inaccessibility, and carrier activation failures are common in-country roaming issues that are not detected solely by using automated testing. GTT’s local staff test mobile roaming services across multiple handsets, all local mobile networks, and from several different in-country geographic locations to ensure positive user experiences.

International Roaming Expert Group (IREG) testing is crucial for ensuring sufficient capabilities before a roaming agreement is made between two network carriers. This provides a benchmark for roaming standards and service reliability so telco providers can operate effectively across the world and deliver sufficient service to their valued customers.

Without a proper foundation of network stability, providers can’t achieve successful roaming agreements or offer customers sufficient roaming capabilities. At GTT, we not only provide experienced roaming testing including WiFi roaming tests, but we also identify specific issues and offer recommendations to improve service, ultimately achieving the desired level of performance across the globe.

Test Roaming Performance & Carrier Connectivity With GTT


  • Access testing by mobile networks
  • Pre- & post-launch testing
  • Multi-network testing
  • Multi-handset testing
  • Geographic testing in multiple locations
  • WIFI hotspot testing

Considering the competitive nature of the telecom industry, network carriers prioritize flawless connectivity for their customers all over the world. Evaluating roaming performance with in-country field tests offers real-world scenarios that can’t be recreated through testing software.

When it comes to international coverage of inbound and outbound roaming, nothing beats the local real-time visibility that Global Telecom Testing provides. On top of that, our telecom consulting services offer a comprehensive review of your network stability and work to improve your overall telco service delivery.

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