WiFi Hotspot & Latency Testing

Test the reliability and performance of your WiFi devices with in-country field tests from our local telecom experts.GTT’s local staff in-country field tests and troubleshoots your WiFi hotspots for signal strength, functionality, and connectivity. Customers coordinate detailed testing scenarios with GTT local staff.

Many WiFi hotspots and devices utilize cellular data. This allows them to provide in-country WiFi connectivity without purchasing local SIMs. Due to the rapid advancement of global cellular technologies, it’s important to validate the reliability of these systems by locally in-country testing them. That’s where GTT comes in. As global hotspot testers, we ensure the connectivity of WiFi devices for consistent performance no matter where they are in the world.


Features of Our In-Country WiFi Testing

We provide comprehensive testing to endorse every aspect of your WiFi systems, and how users are interacting with it:

  • WiFi connection tests
  • WiFi latency tests
  • Compliance standards
  • Speed and Performance
  • Data roaming testing
  • and more!

Trust Global Telecom Testing

When it comes to testing and optimizing your WiFi hotspots and connectivity capabilities, we leave no stone unturned. We have local testers in 200 countries, and we make it our goal to prepare your telecom systems for positive customer experiences and completed business operations across the globe.

Test your Wifi Connectivity with Us

With GTT at your side, monitoring the health of your hotspots has never been easier.