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What kind of savings can you expect from phone and IT bill audits?

GTT’s phone bill and IT bill audits typically find dramatic savings for our clients who use our telecom consulting, cost analysis, and expense management services. During our phone, IT, wireless telecom, and contract compliance audits, we examine and analyze bills from all telco service providers (wireless or otherwise) for a variety of billing issues. As a result of the findings from our comprehensive GTT IT audits, the majority of our clients will save between 20 to 60 percent on their average annual telecom expenses.

You might be asking what kind of cost-cutting measures does GTT typically uncover during the phone and IT bill auditing process? Some of the most common savings our phone and IT auditors find include the following:

Retroactive refunds of erroneous charges

Revised tariff offerings

Contractual and billing discrepancies

Unnecessary/defunct services

Tax issues

Alternative service rates and plans

Beyond money savings, there are several other reasons to consider GTT for your phone and IT service auditing, expense management, and cost analysis needs. As an independent telecom consulting firm, GTT is not affiliated with any telco service providers. As a result, we provide truly unbiased contract compliance audits. Additionally, our experienced auditors possess the specialized telecom knowledge necessary to conduct methodical wireless telecom audits, phone bill audits, and IT bill audits.

Furthermore, because our fee is a percentage of the savings we find, our services are available with no upfront cost to you. To discover ways you can save on your telecom expenses with us, contact our skilled team at 954 358 6292.