Worldwide Phone Number Testing

Worldwide Phone Number Testing

Global Service – Local Expertise, Verification and ValidationGTT’s local testers make live outbound originating test phone calls from worldwide cities using local landline and mobile networks, in order to verify that telephone numbers and toll free phone numbers are operational and to detect issues. In-Country live phone number testing provides immediate feedback on a number by number basis, where and what any problems are, and if there are any telecom problems within that country.

Detailed Call Display Records (CDRs) are generated for each test call made by GTT’s testers.

Common Quality Of Service (QoS) issues discovered by GTT’s testers are:

Improper carrier provisioning

Improper passcode designation

Improper message authentication



Post dial delay

Network inaccessibility

Carrier activation failures

In-Country live testing locates any non-operational worldwide telephone numbers and ensures that they are problem-free, and the message, language, and dialect are correct. The reliability of worldwide telephone numbers are enhanced, which in turn drives customer satisfaction and retention.

In-Country live test calls are the most important testing benchmarks because only this testing accurately simulates the in-country user experience.