Worldwide, In-Country, Live Telephone Number Testing

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IVR Platform

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User Acceptance

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About Global Telecom Testing

The World's Only In-Country Live Testing Service

Global Telecom Testing (GTT) is the only company in the world that in-country tests and simulates the local user experience with over 800 local testers in 200 countries. GTT enables our clients to establish a local presence and highly reliable testing environment by leveraging the world's largest privately owned global footprint. By utilizing GTT's local testers, you will have access to the resources you need to increase customer retention and revenues. Customers gain universal understanding of their in-country user experience, make actionable corrective decisions with measurable ROI, and collaborate on those decisions with telecom carriers.

What we do



Worldwide Phone Number Testing

GTT’s local testers make live outbound originating test calls from worldwide cities using local landline and mobile networks in order to verify that the local numbers are operational, and to detect issues

Global Roaming Testing

When launching mobile services in new countries, it is imperative to in-country locally test to ensure all services are operational. Improper network provisioning, network inaccessibility, and carrier activation failures are common in-country roaming issues that are NOT detected by using automated testing.

IVR Platform Testing

In-Country IVR testing of newly installed and/or repaired worldwide IVR platforms confirms they are operational or not. GTT’s local testers make live quality assurance test calls to your IVR platforms after they have been installed and/or repaired. This verifies the user experience, menu flow, and full functionality, which ensures positive customer experience, customer retention, and protects revenue.

WiFI Hotspot Testing

GTT’s local testers send and receive fax’s to and from your numbers, confirming they are fully operational.


Mobile App | Game Testing

Reliable mobile app testings a massive challenge facing mobile apps & games companies worldwide. In fact, statistics show three out of five computerized/ electronically tested mobile apps & games fail when released. GTT solves that problem with in-country live mobile app testers assuring the functionality and usability of mobile applications and games, and that they work in all real world situations.